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Hi, I now your pain!!
iv read threw all these messages and it made me remember about my 12 years of acne, when I used to search the web all night sometimes to find a cure for the embarrassing skin problem I had "YES I SAID I HAD! Now itís all cleared up.

In the past I tried all most all of the products from all the messages I read from on this forum... and I will tell you this none them will cure your acne...

I found ACNE FREE SYSTEM that did work and I tried it out and after a month my acne was cleared up,
Even after 2 weeks of trying out this system I noticed that most my spots were healing so quickly day by day. I was so happy I could have cried, I could not believe it after all those years of trying everything like tablets to proactive, creams, face scrubs etc, this 1 really worked for me. So now I am writing an info book on how I cured my acne in 1 month...
I canít get let out to much of the books content because the book goes on sell next month... contact so you can purchase a copy when finished... [email][email protected][/email]
but for now I can tell you the wrong things and the right things you can do to help with your problem (remember I had acne for 12 years so I know wot helps and i know wot donít) this is free advise so its up to you what you do with it..

First the wrong way to treat your acne:
1...Never over scrub or over wash your face. you WIll make the problem worse and you will regret it in later life..
2..STOP using Peroxide creams, they only dry you skin out and again will give your skin more probs in later life.

2nd here some things that helped me over the years:
1..wash your face (and anywhere else you got acne) 2 times a day, 3 times if you have really oily skin, once in the morning and once in the evening, try to clean your face as gentle as you can.
2..use (and imp NOT advertising for this company) Clearasil 3 in 1 deep cleansing wash body wash and use it to wash your hair. This product after washing makes your skin feel fresh and it feel soft like itís just been moisturised. Or try to use any soap free cleaner like simple face wash (soap clogs your pores).
3...try to moisturise your face after every time you wash you face because you skin needs to be hydrated. Use Simple hydrating light moisturiser or Clearasil moisturiser, these are the best product I ever used, even now I use them it makes my skin feel great.
4...steam you face for 10 minutes 2 times a week or use a sauna,
5...and something else that I found good whilst suffering from acne years ago Retin-A. It helps to unblock your pores and it helps me, find it on this website [url][/url]

Remember this you are who are you are great so donít worry how you look keep your head held high and keep think THERE WILL BE GREAT DAYS TO COME and soon my acne will be clear, because half the problem is worry!

Take care from Gary

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