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I'm pretty much clear on my face other than the bit I get on my jawline as well as my hairline--so I only get acne in obscure places on my face now. I'm on Tazorac .1% Cream, and it works quite well but doesn't do much at all for red marks. Does the Aspirin mask work for red marks, or does it just help prevent/kill current acne? Do you think it's safe to use it in conjunction with Tazorac (like, do the mask before, use Tazorac, then moisturize?).
I have dry, sensitive skin with red marks where I have pimples. I use the aspirin mask occasionally and it really helps with the red marks and evening out your skin tone. It didn't do much for the prevention of acne. But that's my acne, I've read that it made other people completely clear.
i have used the aspirin mask for red marks with great success.

i am also on tazorac .1% cream and have not used the aspirin mask since starting the tazorac. i think the tazorac is slightly helping with my red marks, since they seem to have faded a bit since starting about a week ago. i am too nervous about using the aspirin mask while on tazorac, so instead i just use the aspirin as a scrub to help get rid of the flaky skin caused by the tazorac. it seems to work well. i just mix a few aspirin in with my cleanser (purpose cleanser) and gently massage my face.

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