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That sounds great!!

I've been steaming my face with Water and Sea salt every other day and my face feels smoother and my acne is being reduced. I use about 3 spoonfuls of sea salt and put it in a bowl, wait for water to bowl and pour it in bowl with the salt and start mixing the bowl until the salt dissolves. I then wait about 2-3 mins and grab a towel and the steam hits my face. I'm under it for about 20 mins. After I just splash my face with very cold water and apply the Clay masks as metioned.

Also I just started to do Sea Salt Baths which is once every week. I fill the bathtub full and while the water is running I pour about 4 cups of Sea Salt in the running water. Preferabbly HOT-Warm as hot as i can take it. I stay in the back for about 20-30 mins. Amazingly this process has healed most of the scars and scraps on my skin and I have a little bit of bacne and those are starting to clear a bit. WARNING though it might sting a bit when you first enter the bath and you may feel drowsy and might drown during the process so if doing this make sure you either put on the air fan or open your door slighly so some air can come in. Also use either SEA SALT COURSE or Dead Sea Salts (Heard this salt works extremely well but it's the $$$ that bugs me not to buy it)

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