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[QUOTE=Redneck Joe]Please forgive me for changing the subject, but the one problem with petroleum-based products is that when we run out of oil, then they won't be there. So lately I've been trying not to aggrivate the problem.

Regular chapstick seems to help me okay.[/QUOTE]
I'm not quite following what you're saying about "when we run out of oil". Do you mean us as a nation or when our skin drys out?

The mineral oil in ChapStick is also a petroleum based product.

I'm not a fan of using the petroleum based products either, but my lips were cracking and bleeding when I wasn't using the Aquaphor, no matter how much I applied. I even mixed my own blend of oils and beeswax in attempt to make something not petroleum based. Also tried pure shea butter, but that didn't stay on my lipslong enough to help protect from drying. I figured that it's only for a few months and after I'm off Accutane I can go back to my usual stuff.

If you're looking for something truly petroleum free, then there is a brand called Un-Petroleum I've found in health food stores. If on a lip product there's petroleum jelly, mineral oil, castor oil, or parrafin wax listed on the ingredients, then it has petroleum based products in it.

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