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Re: Laur
Jun 14, 2003
Hi again M and Dshel....

I woke up this morning to yet a few more tiny ones around my mouth. to me they haven't really been "UNDER" there, but rather are only oil filled and seem to appear over night. I usually can't see them this normal D???

No, I didn't use the OLD azelex....but I DID find the script from that new Wacky derm I went to 2 weeks ago. It's for Azelex cream 20% 30grams tube. I know this isn't right maybe, but I may have it filled today. I didn't care for him, that's for sure, but I thought I could try the cream before my Tuesday appt with my derm and see if it works better for me. What do you Think?? Nasty of me?? I mean I'll probably have to get it anyway....why not try it early!!??

I'm not sure if the taz made me oily, but with the breakout I'm going through I don't believe it was doing a good job. I still believe my skin became so dry that it Kept the pores from letting the sebum and oil out. Does that make any sense.??
I was red all of the time, but accutane and taz combined probably did that.
I don't know much, but I do think the finacea really helped to bring out a lot . Do I know if you'll breakout?? Well, the tazorac didn't seem to be helping and You keep breaking out, but chances are the clogged pores will empty and I guess they will have to come to a head? Im so confused about most of this that I'm not one to ask I guess, .....I can't even seem to clear up my own face. I feel like I don't have much to offer, like D does. I feel better knowing you are both here and hope that I can help you too. I don't want to always just be complaining or something.....
As far as my oil filled pimples or pustules or whatever the heck they are, is it the top surface that traps the oil or is it that they really are under there waiting to emerge?? I also have dark pores on my nose and (this is gross)...when they are squeezed (sorry) they have a long white material coming out and yet I know theres always more in there...I also have blackheads that are starting to come to 'little bumps' but that makes them more noticeable.
D, do you think I will break out more initially again by going to the cream from the gel?? I'm not sure about the greasiness, b/c I don't have any oil on my skin anyway. Also, what type of pimples did you have....were any of them oil filled without anything white in them?? Does the a. acid keep the pores open too?? sorry, we always seem to overload you don't we.

Well, the hubby is to you later

L :)
Re: Laur
Jun 14, 2003
I'm back from town and having to present this awful face to the public. I hate that. It's easier just to stay home.

About the azelex stuff, Yeah I guess D says it cleans out everything. The blackheads will take longer I guess. I had a couple of ones that were bumps under the skin for the past 6 months. No head or anything. The bump would get bigger and then smaller and then bigger again for no reason . The tazorac did nothing. Two weeks on this stuff and 1 of them is up and drying out. I hope that means it's done for because it didn't look like a whitehead..just some oil when it got to the surface. I am also concerned about the surfacy type ones that aren't there one day and they are a little oil filled one the next day. I want this stuff to keep the pores open.

Since D hasn't replied I hope she's out enjoying the day and that the monster zit she had went down for her. She's been wonderful hasn't she??

Guess what?? I picked up the azelex 20% today. I'm REALLY nervous about using a cream though. But I'm trying to listen to D. She knows more than the derm!!!LOL I hope this is even better than the gel. I am noticing the gel bringing things out but seem to still have some scaliness. My skin is dry from the taz and the accutane...but I stopped the taz 1 1/2 weeks ago so the irritation should be gone by now I would think. My skin has never looked so bad. I try not to think about it but it's hard . I will flip if this makes thing worse.
Just think we are both starting the cream today!!! I had a little head start with the gel I guess, but I'm not sure what that means. !!! I just want this to work so much. I know you do to. My fingers and toes are crossed!!

What do you think other people think of our whining???


L :)

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