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I know how you feel. My acne was never so bad that I had to go to a dermatologist, but I certainly wasted a lot of money on creams and special soaps over the years. And I had friends who'd visit the derm on a regular basis and despite all the pills the derm would put them on, they'd still get acne. How was it that science could develop nuclear energy, put a man on the moon, and create computers that could perform millions of calculations per second, but not be able to prevent humans from getting pimples? Now I realize science didn't fail. The answer was right there, but no one wanted to reveal it because there was too much money at stake. We have a health care system that emphasizes treatment instead of prevention, probably cause there's no money in prevention. Experienced dermatologists make 300K a year. When you're able to make that kind of money and a patient walks in with acne, are you going to prescribe accutane or tell him to go home and stop eating processed food? And it doesn't stop with acne. What you'll find is most of today's health problems are the product of our own behavior. We don't eat right, we don't exercise enough, a lot of us smoke, some of us drink too much, some take drugs, and we all expect modern medicine to cure us. If you could prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and acne just by taking better care of yourself, wouldn't you? But if we all did that, then doctors, drug companies, insurance companies, and the food industry would all be worse off. We throw money down the drain for all kinds of products, not just for acne, but for every health condition. It's time for people to stop wasting money and start using better judgment. Cut out processed food and not only will your acne go away, you'll be in better overal health. Just don't expect results overnight. You've been eating this stuff for years. It'll take a while to recover from its effects.

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