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I truly am miserable and don't want to see anyone. At 38 with an 11 year old and life's general errands of the grocery store and school, that is hard!! I look awful and yes I admit I couldn't stand them and I wanted them to heal faster, so I went on a "picking spree".......only to have redness and inflamed spots everywhere. :< .......I wish it would start to heal. I for some reason, thought the picking would "help" them go away sooner. How dumb! But I can't stand seeing them come out! And when I felt my face, it seemed like there were hundreds of them under the skin waiting to come out....only I KNOW they've been there for months. The junk in them was very hard white stuff which I'm sure wasn't going to come out anytime soon, so I thought after helping one, I'd help the rest. I have clogged pores, hard bumps under the skin and tiny oil filled pimples. Is this normal??? I realize it can take months but has anyone else had it this bad??

I just don't understand it. After the hysterectomy I had no ovaries left. Ok, I get it that then my body is now dominated by male why , if that is the only thing I am blocking, and IF estrogen is supposed to be so great for the skin, am I getting this breakout? I could understand if I still had ovaries and there was other estrogen, progesterone etc to get used to the yasmin, but all I have left is what the adrenal gland is producing.....shouldn't this pill be enough. ???

I guess I don't understand about the hormones or something, because that actually makes sense to me :)

Also, anyone out there know how long the breast tenderness may last, and if/when it ends does that mean your body is used to the pill?? Not having any other symptoms, but I would rather be sick to my stomach than have this awful breakout. !!
Heartsicle, you've been so encouraging and I am trying hard to just stay calm (except for the picking episode of course!!) but I am way past being frustrated with this acne. I started the second pack(skipped the white pills and went right to the next pack,) so I have officially taken 22 pills. Whoopie! I hope this will "kick in soon"!

any thoughts anyone???
Thanks >>>>>>>>AGAIN !! :)

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