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Well, an update here!!!

The hubby actually brought it up last night that he is definately going to mention the issue to his doctor. He's tired of feeling "ugly", as he put it. He wants to discuss his diet and ways to change it.. I hope that they can figure something out and get him back on track so that he can get his self-esteem back again. It's so hard watching someone you love go through the inner pain that acne tends to bring on in just about everyone that suffers from it :(


So, did your acne go away by itself? Do you have scars or did they go away?[/QUOTE]

Honestly, I think alot of it has been age, but mostly, I absolutely SWEAR by the aspirin mask thing that so many people have been raving about. I've been doing it for quite a few months now. It has worked miracles on my skin. The thing is, I don't use it as a mask, as it's way too drying for my skin.. I just use it as a scrub every other day.

Here's my usual facial routine - Every morning and evening, I cleanse with Basis facial bar soap. It's super gentle and has never dried me out (I have very sensitive skin) and then moisturize with Purpose oil free moisturizer. After that soaks in well, I smooth on a light layer of PersaGel (I think it's by Clean and Clear) over my whole face. Now, I mentioned the aspirin scrub before. I do this every other day in the morning right after cleansing and before the moisturizer. While I'm cleansing, I dissolve about 6-8 aspirin with a few drops of water in a little dish. After washing my face, I lightly scrub with that, rinse it away, and proceed with the moisturizer and then the PersaGel. I do the same routine at night, minus the scrub. Also, at night, if I have any really big zits (which is really rare for me now), I use toothpaste! It's another thing I've swore by lol you have to use the plain white paste kind and just dab it on the pimple and wear it overnight (I read about this in a magazine). For me, it REALLY helps shrink them faster.

Seriously, my face has never been so clear. I also use the aspirin scrub on my back and chest and it's made a huge difference there as well!

BUT, it doesn't work for everyone.. my hubby has tried it and it hasn't made a difference for him at all. He hasn't tried using it as a mask though, so I don't know if that would help him.

Unfortunately, I do still have scars. Every pimple that I've ever had in my life has left a scar. It can be the tiniest pimple and I won't even touch the darn thing, yet it will still scar. I think it's my irish blood lol

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