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Well, I had Pustules and Cysts back then, I did have a few black and white heads, but after using the soap and exfoliating with a buff puff for a while I have not had them since.

If I understand you correctly you want to use a buff and an exfoliating face wash? I would think that would be way to irritating for your skin to use both. Just like anything, using a buff on your face does have a chance of irritating your skin, that is why when you start out to do it lightly and for a short time, and maybe only once or twice a week. If you see your skin can handle that then gradually increase it, and start exfoliating for longer periods.
My sister tried to exfoliate her skin like I did and she got REALLY red for a couple of days; you just have to start out [B]slowly and lightly[/B] and don't expect it to work overnight!

If you do use a buff puff on your face then I would definitely recommend that you be careful and watch out for the edges of the puff because they can be sharp and cause cuts on your face that you cant see (which really irritates the acne if it gets cut). Another thing is that you should NEVER exfoliate more than once a day... if your skin isn't oily then I would recommend doing it every other day. Exfoliating doesn't only get rid of dead skin it also gets rid of essential oils which help your skin, so unless you have oily skin and produce too much oil then it would do you better to do it every other day. Exfoliating does cause your face to turn a little red, so I used to do it at night before bed, and in the morning I looked normal again.

Also your skin will have to get used to whatever soap you use as well, so if you change to the 10% bar (or anything else new), you may want to wash your face a few times with that first before you add the buff puff.

Hope this is helpful :)
Thanks :)

My acne is moderate. I would say I have 5 or so active spots at the moment. By exfoliating I mean a face wash, like clearsil, witch, oxy etc, using a buff to wipe it of. The pharmacist told me to wash using that stuf twice a day and with the buff, then add the panoxyl gel over the top of that.
What do you think to this, if I lightly used the buff twice a day? Should I swap the face wash for the panoxyl soap bar?

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