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Re: Mineral Makeup
May 19, 2006
Hello! I thought I would put in my opionion about bare essentials mineral makeup. I ordered it from the website 2 weeks ago and just got it this week and have been using it for the last few days. Pretty much my acne is cleared up from my diet changes, its just the scars that are really bothersome, so I wanted a makeup I could wear everyday without irritating my skin and so far so good! The coverage I dont find as good as my liquid makeup (but I am still learning the technique) but there is no way I could go back to putting a heavy makeup on my face everyday! My skin has definately improved in appearence just from not putting the heavy stuff on for the last little while. As for price I understand where you are coming from, I am from canada too and with shipping (I got the whole kit from the website) it came to like 80 dollars american and then when the post came I had to pay another 15 dollars canadain in taxes!!!! I am definately going to opt out of there club which is another negative about ordering from the BE website they put you in it automatically, which sends you shipments every 60 days! :eek: (Im a university student so 100$+ every 60 days is a definate no!) I was thinking of probably just reorddering from sephora the foundation which is still pretty expensive (25$) and hopefully the shipping wont be as bad since it is small. Anyways so if you are thinking about ordering this brand, I cant compare to other brands but I can tell you that it makes your skin definately look nice, coverage for me defiantley isnt as good (yet) as a liquid foundation, but after using this which dosnt irratate and make my skin worse there is no way I can go back to covering my skin with a heavy makeup and be itching (literally) to take it off all day. I am finally starting to feel better in my own skin! Good luck! :)
My regime:
Neutrogena acne free cleanser
Carleys clear and smooth soap (NO SCRUB! way too harsh for me)
Carleys day time moisterizer
BE mineral foundation
BE mineral veil

Most important!!!! (for me) diet: fruits/ pasta/wheat/bread
Intense exercise every night (the sweat clears my pores-but it has to be intense and (of course shower after)

night: (after run)
carleys clear and smooth soap in warm shower
lots of water and sleep!!!
Works for me! ;)
Re: Mineral Makeup
May 21, 2006
While I adore BE and recommend it to everyone I know (LOL) I don't think there's anything in it that's actually [B][I]good[/I][/B] for your skin.. as in, wearing it isn't going to miraculously cure all of our skin problems simply because most of our issues aren't just from makeup alone. It goes deeper than that. It's not going to make a zit go away and it's not going to be any better for you than going bare-faced.

BUT, with that said, I honestly think that unless you are sensitive to any of the ingredients in mineral makeup (which few people are), it is a miracle makeup simply because it RARELY has a negative effect on your skin. It's not going to clog your pores and get all the gunk down in there and it's not going to cause a zit to get worse like it does when you try to cover it by smearing a heavy concealer on it. Now, when I do have a particularly stubborn zit, I use Maybelline's Pure Makeup concealer stick. It has salicylic acid in it and usually helps kill the stubborn zits.. then I use the Bisque on top of that, and voila, no more zit that you can see :cool:

Also, I have slept in this makeup many many many times (I have to take sedatives at night and sometimes they kick in before I've washed my face) and have never once had any problems. In the past, when I wore regular foundation, if I slept in it.. :eek: OMG holy breakout city batman!! I would have around 10 new zits when I woke up in the morning. Then of course, I would use more topical acne meds, which would dry me out so much I'd be flaky, then I'd need to use more moisturizer to combat the dryness, then I'd breakout MORE and have to use a gunky concealer to hide it all.. which just made things even worse. Vicious cycle from hell. I have [B]never ever [/B] had that problem since using BE.. and I'm pretty sure that most other mineral makeups are the same.

Alot of people swear by Sheer Cover as well. I've personally never tried it. I haven't needed to. But, if you do end up with any problems using the BE makeup, by all means, try another mineral makeup.. from the bidding site, of course!!

I think I have an unnatural addiction to my beloved well known bidding site LOL :cool: but hey, it keeps me from wasting a ton of money. I can buy small samples instead of full size jars that don't end up working for me, then I've wasted money (that I really have no extra of) and am stuck with a bunch of stuff. I get all of my face color samples (eyeshadow, blush, etc) from there as well. :D
Re: Mineral Makeup
May 23, 2006
[QUOTE=lindamm]How does it cover? Did you buy their brushes? How do you like them? And other items from their line?

Someone in one of these discussions said they got better brushes than the ones in the BE kit from some other vendor.

I think it would be better to go to a store where they test it on you and determine your color for you than to by the starter kit since it comes with 2 foundations, one of which you might not want.

I just went out today to Ulta and Sephora to try them out and get samples. They have someone demoing BE at both places. Ulta has lighting that reveals absolutely everything, so I couldn't say I was pleased with the BE that was spot tested on my face, but I guess it covered as well as my liquid foundation. Although she also applied a bit of the bisque concealer, too. The starter kit was on promotion for I think $45, which might make it the best deal.

Ulta has a store brand, foundation only, that's $14 for 8 grams.

I also tried the Urban Decay tester on my chest where I have some dark blotchy pigment that the Ulta lighting made look horrible. It covered nicely. The urban decay is $28 for I don't know how much, but the jar comes with a built in puff applicator. All you do is remove the cap. They have foundation only.

The woman at Sephora removed the makeup from one side of my face and applied the fairly light. No concealor or other stuff. But it looks pretty good. In their lighting and in the car on the way home. They have some of the prettiest blush colors I've ever seen as well. The BE foundation is $25 for 9 grams?.

Then I looked at the philosophy which came in the same kind of container as the Urban Decay. It cost the most - $35 for I don't know how much. About the same amount as the Urban Decay I think.

They will put a little from the testers into some sample jars for you so I have samples of the BE and Philosophy.

I examined the built in applicator for the Philosophy and it was similar to the old fashioned kind of fabric powder puff, kind of like velour. So I stopped at Sally Beauty Supply and bought a puff for .99.

And I have some samples from Cory ordered online. I'll try Mineral Basics too.[/QUOTE]

This is the only kind of mineral makeup ive used, so I cant compare, but it really covers all the redness and acne much better than regular liquid makeup. The kabuki brush they sell is really nice IMO, i think I paid $17 for it. Ive never had a bristle fall out, and its really soft.
Mineral Basics has a really easy color scheme - pick your shade (light, med., tan, dark) and then pick your tone (rosy, neutral, golden, olive). I have to buy Light Rose, and its perfect. they sell samples for $2 if you want to try it out first. I think they are cheaper because its an independent company. But they ship really fast, and are professional.
Ive noticed my acne has decreased since I started using mineral makeup, and my nose doesnt get nearly as oily as it did with regular "oil free" liquid foundations. And with this brand, theres no fillers or bismuth oxychloride (whatever that is). Ive heard of people break out from BE, but not with this brand, so maybe thats it.

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