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I'm 24 (nearly 25) and have been megadosing with B5 on and off for around 4 years. When I've been taking the full dose (10g) it's worked wonders, infact so well that I've had to use a moisturiser at times!

I don't want to be reliant on the stuff forever though as it seems to make my body temperature like a thermonuclear reactor which is a pain in summer, and megadosing also speeds up my MPB hairloss, despite what other vitamins and minerals I throw at it. (Zinc, Green Tea, Soy, NAC, Biotin, B-50 Complex, Copper, etc ... infact some of these made my oily skin return, even while on B5 so I had to stop taking them.)

I've tried to come off B5 a few times, both suddenly and gradually easing myself off it. Both methods result in the oily skin slowly returning and along with it comes the acne again.

I've tried going to my doctors on the occasions when I've had my acne return but I kept getting told it was one of those things that effects everyone and to treat it with topicals. I tried pushing to get my hormones, SHBG, DHT, Testosterone, etc, tested to try and find out the root cause instead of covering it up with B5 but I couldn't persuade the doctor to do so as it wasn't severe enough acne.

So here I am today .... I'm torn between continuing to megadose on B5 and putting up with the side effects I'm seeing (Hairloss and body temperature) and risking future unknown ones or stopping it altogether to prevent the side effects but suffering with acne for however long fate decides .... it's a tough call.


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