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Back in January I bumped into two people who I went to school with and hadn't seen them since they were 16. In school I remembered them both as having the most awful acne and scarring I can recall seeing, ever. Since then each has had Accutane and they now have crystal clear, perfect complexions.

My cousins ex boyfriend had moderate acne when he was 17 and went on Accutane, he remained clear for 11 years but now he's 28 his acne has come back and he's back at the hospital and in line for a second course of Accutane.

I guess it will always vary with individuals.

I suffered with acne since I was 12 and this time last year I was on the brink of moving up from mild, to moderate and then to more severe cysts and spots. I got put on Accutane and it cleared me up in the space of four months. I remained clear until last month when it started to come back again (painfully) although I now appear to have it under control again and my skin is clear after only a week on B5 vitacure.

Thinking back to the reasons why my acne came back so badly in May I am beginning to put it down to very heavy stress and self neglect - April 2003 had gone down as the worst month of my life having suffered a relationship break-up that was so agonizing it'd make a plot of a good movie, I was also having to care for two relatives on the brink of death and at the same time cope with extra exam pressure and a pile up of work dating back to September (that I couldn't do at the time due to the early side effects of the Accutane) I really did let myself go over April / May and sometimes didn't want to carry on at all with massive depression, given my diet and health (losing two and a half stone in a matter of weeks after the break up) and the stuff I was eating it was no wonder my skin suffered in the end so I can't 100% blame the Accutane as being a failure.

Basically again, everyone is different, Accutane DID work for me, I came back midly with acne 4/5 months later (which you could put down to 'other' factors) but I now have it under control with B5 rather than a second course of Accutane.

This is now a combination that is now working successfully for me. Also Lestat's comments can be very true when people do become clear.

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