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Re: Laur and dshel.
Jun 15, 2003
L, I don't know about the washing face with just water thing.If it were me I would use a very gentle bar soap with all gentle natural ingredients,lather it up in my hands and wash my face with that.I would definatley NOT use a strong cleanser!Is that glycolic cleanser a strong cleanser?If it is I would advise AGAINST USING IT.Your skin might be a lot dryer then mine since your using the Accutane.When I used Skinoren ,when I first applied it my face would matte too and dry and a liitle red, but later on in the day it would have a greasy feeling from the oils in my face.After prolonged use, the redness and dryness went away.I just wonder if Skinoren has the same ingredients as Azelex.Heres the ingredients of Skinoren.
0.2 g (20 %) micronised azelaic acid.
Arlatone 983 S (polyoxyethylene fatty acid ester)
Cutina CBS (mixture of mono-dicglyceridene, fatty alcohols, triglycerides and wax esters)
propylene glycol
glycerol 85%
benzoic acid
purified water

Is this comparable to Azelex?

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