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Re: Laur and dshel.
Jun 15, 2003
Hi M

Hope your day is going ok. Since its Fathers Day, Its been busy around here.

My face has the azelex on it that I applied in the am. I'm not sure if the stuff ever actually wears off or if it would have to be washed off??? Too soon to tell whats brewing under there. D said later in the day hers gets oily, but I have no oil in my skin really. Its dry from the tane, and possibly still from the tazorac? Would the dryness last that long??

I have to check on the whole cleanser issue. I hate trying new things, especially since I just started the azelex. How would I know what would cause the problems?? I don't use much of the glycolic cleanser though. Only a pea size and it says to use a quarter. I am only using the 12% now again. and I only use in the evening. On its own it doesn't dry my skin, but maybe with the other products? Not sure about that whole thing. Again, 1 of those things I don't really want to think about.

I may only be able to apply the azelex once a day instead of twice. so far it doesn't really seem moisturizing, but maybe its too soon for it to help that way. It is thick and doesn't spread real easily...does resemble cream instead of lotion. The side effects do list dry skin. My luck, huh?? Well, I see him in two days and then I will ask for a weekly progess check since my reunion is so close.
Been thinking a bit about antibiotics . What do you think? I hate the idea of taking another pill though. Looked into the evening primrose, seems like it "could" make things worse. Afraid to chance it. The eucerin moisturizer is a cream..non comedogenic (supposedly) and doesn't really touch the white flakes. I won't use it unless it is unbearable. If I get too dry, won't that make my own oil start to try to combat it and thus result in breakouts? Have also thought about dry vitamin E...supposed to help with dryness, but I'm not sure if right now I should be messing with stuff.
I hope this works for you and I hope you see results soon. Its weird how you're sooo oily and I'm soooo dry. D is right about around the mouth. I guess I will have to go very sparingly there, but I get a lot of oil filled breakouts there too. I want to make sure I'm using enough to help too.
I will say I'm absolutely tired of thinking about this!!!!!
I hope your birthday will be wonderful. I want this to help you so much. !!! :)
I'm praying for you.
L :)
Re: Laur and dshel.
Jun 15, 2003
D, No I'm sorry, i must have been rambling on.

What I meant was All topicals in general have been drying rather than just being on the tane itself. But The azelex....SEEMS better. But remember, I was using the jojoba oil and only applying tazorac for 10 minutes at a time. The azelex is overnight. The derm is the one that said the finacea would be moisturizing and I could leave it on all night, BUT I was still using tazorac up until 10 days ago and still dry from the spiro. I'm wondering if this will help, but slowly and that I should only use once per day except to spot treat?
What do you think?? Im just hoping it will work.

Thanks L

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