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accutane cures acne partly by finally normalizing the skin shedding process along with reducing oil, shrinking pores, and reducing inflammation. Salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the skin and works to normalize the skin shedding process. I've been having good results with salicylic acid. It should only help NOT harm the skin as long as you use stay within the recommended range of 0.5%-2% salicylic acid and that the product be within a pH range of 3-4. Chemical peels using higher SA concentrations at a derms office is another story.

There are two schools of thought following accutane. 1) Use NO acne fighting ingredients, simply use gentle products and follow good skin care. Accutane has helped clear you so avoiding harsh acne products will prevent acne. The logic behind this is that acne fighting ingredients may irritate your skin, dry you out and cause your skin return to its preaccutane state. 2) Prevent new acne by using acne fighting ingredients to ensure acne will not return.

Following accutane, I choose #2 and I used benzoyl peroxide and probably should not have used it since it dried my skin although i'm sure my acne would've returned no matter what I did. In retrospect, I should've moisturized my skin while using any acne ingredients.

Salicylic Acid, in my opinion, seems to be a better and safer bet than BP because it doesn't dry your skin out (for some people SA can dry you out but not as much as BP) and it doesn't irritate your skin. SA is good for exfoliation and lessening mild superficial scars and also getting rid of red marks.

You should be fine with using SA but be sure to use a sunscreen and moisturizer if you decide to use SA.

Good Luck!

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