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Re: Accutane
Jun 3, 2006
Go for it. You are a guy. You should look every single problem that you have straight into the eyes and solve it. There is also something called psychological health. It will greatly improve once you notice the results of this drug.

First let me tell you that this drug is serious. Therefore it must be monitored by a doctor. So if your doctor is not willing to prescribe it, you go look for another one and so on until you find the one who is willing to listen to your problem and who is willing to help you solve it. Buying drugs over the internet without prescription is really not the way to go.

Probably your doctor will try to put you on all kinds of other medications first before putting you on Accutane. If you can, avoid that. My opinion is that in most cases it's a waste of time. When FDA approves the drug, and I am sure it's similar in UK, the drug doesn't have to have 100% success rate and in most cases it has much much smaller one. So there is all kinds of mediocre crap out there that in most cases doesn't work and even if they work, once you go off, the acne will come back.

Accutane on the other hand has a 99% success rate and the chances are good that you'll be free of acne for number of years.

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