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Hi Alx26,
Both my sons had Acne and it is a really horrible thing to go through as you know!
They both tried 'over the counter' products and spent a fortune!, but finally went to the doctors. My eldest had Minocin and was clear within a couple of months - touch wood, he's clear still, just uses Clean & Clear 'oil free' face wash (Johnson & Johnson). My youngest (nearly 18) went through hell, his face was covered and really painful. He was referred to dermatoligist (spelling?) and put on really strong tablets (trying to think of name, but it's gone!!!). They warn you of side effects, but it is a precaution. he was fine and is off them now and not a spot in sight!! You can only stay on them for a certain period, but I know of a few people that has been on the same drugs and they are all great!
Speak to your doctor - don't take any rubbish, my doctor was great and said that no one should have to go through this nowadays - so go and see him/her. Did either of your Parents suffer with acne? This might be a factor.
Good luck!!! :wave:

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