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I don't know what to do. My acne is getting worse and worse. Benzoyl peroxide seems like it would be good, but it really dries out my skin and makes it redder. The cream I'm using is a 10% concentration. Would a lower concentration be as effective? (And yes, I do moisturize.)

I am so frustrated. The only time I really got rid of all my acne was several years ago when I did Accutane (yes, that stuff WORKS) but i also had a suicide attempt during that time, and continue to suffer from depression, so I will not go back on that.

Anyways... suggestions welcome, please!!!!!!
From my experiance, the stronger the better.

Perhaps you could try wearing it only at night before bedtime leaving it on while you sleep. then give your skin a break during the day. that should give your skin some time to rest so it doesnt get irritated.

But usually benzoyl peroxide doesnt CAUSE breakouts JUST irritation so perhaps looking at your diet will really get to the root of the problem? Acne comes from the inside and thats where most of your effort to fight it should be applied.

What are you doing for your diet?
check out acne dot org for a bp regimen that is amazing! It is 2.5% and works just as well as 10%, but doesn't dry you out.
10% is too much for most people. Try 2.5%. (Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment, but use it all over, not just spot treating, and put it on after you cleanse.) You could try proactiv, that is 2.5% also. BP is the only thing that works to clear up my skin.
you should give Proactve Solution a try i've been using it for almost two years now and I just can't live without it. It is only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, and is part of a three step system so you cant go wrong. I think that 10% is way too much and could really be irritating your skin. I used Accutane also and it does work but to anyone else reading this its effects don’t lost and its not worth the money or the harsh effects on your body. (risky to say the least)

Also, not to step on any ones toes… but for most people Diet has very little to do with your complexion.
you poor thing. I am an esthetician and professional makeup artist in the t.v and film industry. I can try to help but need more info about your acne. What is your skin type? Where is your acne? (all over, on chin, etc.) and do you know what is causing your acne?
I've been using 5% BP for years now, 10% was too harsh for me and left me looking very red. The stronger the better with BP I disagree with. It doesn't stop my acne, but it helps heal old acne very fast.
Definitely checkout that acne dot org site, it has cleared me and they have all kinds of product reviews. I use the proactiv 2.5% after cleansing my face with Dove sensitive skin bar soap and neutrogena oil free moisturizer with spf15, all of this has been amazing.
Does proactive have to be prescribed, or can I get it from a local chemist?
%2.5 BP is JUST as effective as %10 BP with less irritation. Your skin will only get better if you aren't so harsh with it, meaning that you need to use a gentle cleanser, a good amount of BP gently rubbed into your face, wait around 10 minutes and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Do yourself a favor and visit acne dot org, the Clear Skin Regimen TRULY does work, I know from experience.
BP used to dry me out so bad, untill about a year or two ago I started using vitamin E oil day and night on the dry patches, it helped alot!!! I dont use Vitamin E oil anymore, but I do used BP cream and BP face wash, both one 10 % and one 5% and I don't get dry skin at all. In fact I've tried really drying skin products just to test my skin out, and I havent gotten dry skin yet. its like my skin did a total 360 *Tip: Vitamin E oil does take about four to five months to work really well*
Hey guys... thanks for all the advice.. I will go out and get some BP 2.5% and try it!

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