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I've had it!! Every time I look in the mirror I see something new on my face and its frustrating. I don't have many pimples (although I've suffered mercilessly through my teens and 20's with them), I now have blackheads and whiteheads all over my face and of course, the residual scarring from years of abuse. And to top it off, I've developed melasma over the years so I look a complete mess!!

I'm supposed to be starting a new career in the Fall and I think to myself every night in bed "What was I thinking? I can't face the world looking like I do!! Who would want to do business with me?" I attended my kids' school BBQ yesterday evening and in the presence of other women with perfect skin, I felt worthless compared to them. I would look at a woman who was perhaps a little overwieght, kinda frumpy looking but with nice skin and I would feel like she was better than me, more of a woman than me (even though I'm neither overweight nor frumpy, IMHO). I wanted to run and hide.

Has anyone else had these feelings? I'm sick and tired of feeling like this. Help!!

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