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oh L.,
i feel so bad for you right heart is aching. I just want you to feel better so badly. I wouldn't give up on the azelex just yet, like D. said. I am only using it at night for now. It even says on that website that you should start off slow, like once a day, and then increase if your skin can tolerate it. Well, i know mine could probably tolerate twice a day, but i am only doing once until my derm. gives me the go ahead. I just apply my oil free lotion on in the morning. I think you are probably really dry from the accutane. when i was on it, i don't know if i ever mentioned this, but not only did i break out horribly, but my skin turned into the sahara desert. I mean i couldn't eat, talk, move my face without horrible flakes, scales, etc. It was awful. I mean i would cry because moving my mouth was like a signal to peel, peel, peel. all the peeling was in the lower half of my face too. It was awful. I know you have to stay on the accutane for the lupus rashes, but is there anything you can do besides the accutane for lupus rashes (like calamine lotion, or lactinol-E cream?) ask your doctor about the lactinol-e cream. it is a heavy cream (similar to the consistency of cetaphil cream, but it is a perscription and he gave it to me for my really stressed, rashy, irritated psoriasis skin, when i was on accutane. It helped a great deal. Maybe by taking the accutane and putting topicals on your face is just too harsh and irritating it even more. maybe all your face really wants right now is a break. i know that's easier said that done, because it is so hard for me to just put lotion on or put nothing on my face. I would just use the azelex once a day, in the evening, after your shower, and then in the morning i would wash gently with mild cleanser (a moisturizing one like the neostrata which also has pha which gently exfoliates too with out grains, it is completely smooth) and then apply a light lotion. That way you are giving your skin hydration during the day and treating it at night. Try that. Please don't give up. we are in this together and i am here for you every step of the way. i just wish i had something better to say! I am hoping that there are answers out there for us....unfortunately patience isn't are strong point, but i know we will get through it someday.
right now, i have my endo. appointment so i will check back later to see how you are doing. please don't cry. I know it just stresses me out and (yes, my hair is still falling out) probably makes things worse. I can't help but cry either. It is so hard. But we have to be strong!!!
I am praying for you all the way L.
-M :) :) :)

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