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does any one else find when trying a product/diffrent skin routine it can work well for about a week then you acne can come back big time?

i recently stoped using soap and only washed my face with warm then cold water, but i did cleanse with johnsosn baby lotion with teatreeoil mixed in twice a day, which totally cleared my face neck in a few days, now I ve been doing this routine about a week it seems my acne has started to come back.

Its almost like the bacteria on youre skin nows how to breed against every diffrent metod you try!!! quite strange really :confused: anyhows I have decided to try covering my face/neck with a few nice big dollops of the lotion I mixed up, will spend about a minute rubbing it gentley into my skin, leave on for about another minute and then wash off with warm then cold water. I will not need to put on moustriser or anything afterwards as my skin will not get dryed out by this routine.

I am sure this must be the same for over people...............

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