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[QUOTE=littledaga]Heya Everyone.
I notice your doing Hulda Clarks Parasite Program, you should also try her Gallbladder & Liver Flush, I've done the flush 3 times now and counted about 130 small stones so far.
My acne has got alot better with a good diet and doing the flush every 2 weeks. I dont take any supplements anymore as my experience with them never did much for my acne, except Milk Thistle, which is a liver cleansing herb. I had a blood test to see if my liver was functioning correctly and told it was sluggish hence my reason for the flushes. Good Luck.[/QUOTE]

Hmm I will do the liver flush but how often should I do? It's written that twice a year is enough.

I will replace the Daily Herbcleanse with liver herbs: Burdock root, Milk thistle, Yellow Dock and Dandelion. Have you any idea how much I should take of these / day? It says even that they are the most powerful herbs for acne.

I forgott this question in my first post, how much OMEGA 3-6-9 caps and Evening Primrose Oil caps should I take / day?

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