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Hope this helps
May 21, 2003
I have been lurking on this messageboard for the last couple of months, and have finally decided to get off my ass and write in. I am 40 years old and have suffered from acne since I was 13. I have learned a lot about this condition and I hope by sharing what I know I can help others.

#1) control what you can control.
Just because you have acne doesn't mean You can't have a good build, wear nice clothes, get a good haircut, trim your nails, get a good job,do well in school,be well read, develop your talents, be friendly and nice to people, help others,and improve youself.
Well you get the point, the list could go on and on. For many years not only did I have acne, but I was overweight and dressed like a slob, had long dirty nails, and crazy unkempt hair. Sure, clearing your skin is hard, and sometimes your not sure what is working, but Don't let acne stop you from making other positive changes in your life.

#2) Never say no to yourself.
For the past 25 years I have made my living as an entertainer. For those of you who are emberrased to go out of your houses, imagine being in the public eye. Working on stage and on television when your skin is badly broken out. I have gone on auditions where no one else even had a single pimple, yet I've gotten the job. Sometimes other people will tell you no, but I have never told myself no. someone else may try stop me, but I will not stop myself.

#3)have everything working in the same direction.
For many years I tried every kind of solution for my face, but I never tried changing my lifestyle. I smoked pot and cigarettes, binged on junk food,never exercised,and spent hours obsessing over my face. In my case I knew I could never have clear skin unless everything I did supported it. Once I decided that I was really commited to having a good complexion. I quit smoking cold turkey, quit pot, stopped eating any junkfood, and took up yoga, jogging and meditation.

#4)less is more.
For years I used every product I could find, Had micro dremabrasion and laser resurfacing(neither of which I reccomend)I think a lot of the products suppress the symptoms, but don't reaaly cure the disease. They make your skin so dry, that it makes your oilglands work overime to try and compensate. Don't overwash your face,use harsh chemicals, and for god's sake never pick at your face.

Now I'll stop the whole list thing, because I've run out of headings for now, and just tell you what I think works for me( the key words being for me)
Food- I don't eat meat, dairy, sugar, salt, anything deep fried, wheat flour, any junkfood of any kind.
I do eat fish(especially sashimi and salmon)fresh fruit and vegetables, brown rice, beans, brazil nuts, yams, tofu and tempeh
I try to drink a lot of water and aloe vera juice, but no sodas and very little fruit juice.
I take burdock root,evening primerose oil, akne-zyme, xian, and sometimes extra zinc, chromium,selenium, vitamen e, and b-complex.
I wash my face several times a day with just cool water, and then splash on zero zitz from a company called well in hand(I hate the name zero zits, but am very pleased with the product)If I feel a bad pimple coming on I will ice it, and use desert essence blemish touch stick and aloe vera gel right on it.
I stay out of the sun, except in the early mournings and late afternoons, I always wear a hat when I'm outside, but I very rarely wear sunscreen.I wash my sheets and pillow cases at least once a week, and never touch my face with my fingers, except when washing
Finally I do yoga and meditation, try to allways think positivly about myself and my life. Exercise daily( I really like my mini tramp rebounder to jog on while watching t.v.) and Get massages at a spa.

Wow I think this is the most I have ever written at one time. I hope some of this information helps. I would like to take part on this message board, and I wish all its members health and happiness.

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