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Stopped Accutane
Mar 22, 2003
... I got the headaches for the first two weeks of accutane, but then they went away. I also had some nosebleeds during the same time. Was on 40 mg daily for 5 months straight and have been on for a long time a maintenance dose of 40 mg three times per week. ... (5 replies)
... day for 4 months. On the weekends, though, I take 2 40 mg pills and at the beginning I did notice more side effects when I did up my dose on those days. ... (13 replies)
Accutane results
Oct 24, 2005
... mg isnt going to do anything for you. When I started It was 40mg sid for the first month then she upped to dose to 40mg bid. I still think the dose should be higher but she said she wouldnt up the dose. I weigh 160 and im 5'9". ... (6 replies)

... and see what happens, If my numbers don't go down He won't put me back on it again. I got really really deppressed, nothing else has worked on me and I thought accutane would be the solution, and now He takes me off? ... (15 replies)
... Yup 40 mg should be just right for you then. First time on was Accutane, I had a derm that liked to "treat acne aggressively." He put me on 60 mg a day, and WHOA way too much for me, I had a huge breakout and my skin was sooo red and peely. ... (9 replies)
... To start with, thanks for your warnings in advance. I know many people are against buying from online pharmacies but they must not understand how this is affecting me. ... (8 replies)
... I took 40 mg for 5 months too. Do not worry.... to tell u the truth my acne was worse until about the 3rd month. Accutane brought every single pimple out under my skin and i literally looked like a pizza face lol. ... (9 replies)
... I took Accutane for 5 months, 40 mg. ... (17 replies)
... had wanted it for years, dr. ... (7 replies)
Accutane users
Jan 16, 2003
... It varies. Personally, accutane began working for me at around the 4 month mark. ... (11 replies)
... i dont think its too bad , it may be a little low though, but im sure your derm knows whats right for you. im on 40 mg for 5 months and im 125 lbs at 5 ' 6''... and there are many others that weigh less than me that are on a higher dosage. I think it depends on the severity of the acne and weight... ... (5 replies)
... I still get some breakouts too. I saw results within a month or so of starting the pills and my skin was amazing from then on. I was told the usual course is 4 months but I did an extra month for some continued breakouts on my back. ... (7 replies)
... I have just finished my 11 week i believe...started may 14th....40 mg my first month and 60 for month 2 and now month 3.....the initial break out was absolutely horrible...i looked like i had the chicken pox.. ... (32 replies)
... Id imagine you would have to put a bit more detail to your post for someone to be able to respond. ... (1 replies)
... I was on 40 mg for 5 months and it was too potent for me as I now suffer lasting side effects. I am 130 lbs too. Do not ask for more dosage. Just be patient throughout the 5 months. Good luck. I hope it works for you. If you experience any serious side effects, stop taking it immediately. ... (3 replies)
... Like Thathi I have serious persistent side effects after taking a 40 mg dose of Roaccutane for 5 months 8 years ago. ... (12 replies)
... Hey Goldenboy, im on 40 mg a day too but only expected to be on for 5 months. Did u have any problems taking it that long? ... (22 replies)
... I got a prescription of Accutane finally. I am 20 years old now, so I can make my own decisions. I was so happy...I mean , I got Accutane finally. Today however I had a big disapointment. ... (4 replies)
... very large, cystic pimples per week, on average. The doctor that I saw was very hesitant to prescribe accutane in the beginning, despite my pleading with him to prescribe it. ... (1 replies)
... nytime soon, call me, cause then I might get worried about you and need to come to the rescue...I should've expected that you would tie Jessica Simpson into this Accutane some how, lol, but I never knew that she was on Accutane. I just always saw her on those Proactiv infomercials. ... (40 replies)

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