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Re: Need new ideas
Jun 17, 2003
I think you should use really mild and gentle products while you are on the minoclyine. I'd stay away from anything that contains fragrance, alcohol, or colorants. Here are my suggestions for drugstore products:

- Purpose Moisturizing Foaming cleanser
- Aveeno oatmeal bar cleansers (any of the 3 are good)
- Cetaphil is very gentle, but some suffer from clogged pores or inadequate cleansing with the liquid. Some do better with the bars (more thourough cleansing), but it also contains masking fragrance and tallowate, both of which can also clog pores.

- Complex 15
- Cetaphil lotion

BPO solutions:
- Neutrogena 2.5% BPO On the Spot
- Persagel for sensitive skin (5% BPO)

I'm not sure if you can use AHAs or BHAs with the minoclyine; you might want to check with your doctor about that.
But if you can, AHAs are great for quickly getting rid of the red marks that are left over after the pimples have healed. Alpha Hydrox 10% AHA gel or enhanced creme are by far the best drugstore options.

BHAs are really good for clearing clogged pores and for prevention of future breakouts. Paula's Choice (only available on the web) makes the best BHA products.

Hope this helped some. Good luck! :)

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