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Re: My story
Jun 15, 2006
Hi. I'm turning 30 in August as well and have 2 children. I have quit breaking out and I don't know if it is because of the supplements I take or if it is age related. I used to take high amounts of vitamin A, which is not recommended because it is awful for your liver. It did work though, but over the years I decided to quit as I got sick one year and my liver enzymes came back elevated (probably related to my illness and not the vitamins, but who knows?) Anyway, I take fish oil supplements, and a good hair/skin/nails vitamin that has MSM, gelatin, biotin and all that good stuff. Most of the brands contain the same ingredients. I cleaned up my diet but it isn't perfect. i cut back on processed foods, sugar, no soda, no fried foods, etc. I do cheat regularly , but I take 3 fish oil capsules in the morning and 3 more at night and 2 skin hair and nail vitamins daily.

I do a scrub on my face with sugar several times a week and use camellia oil every day. I use NO products for acne. they never worked, and I think they made my skin awful. I will not have my kids using those products either-what a waste! I totally belive that what you put IN your body causes inflammatory responses. I feel better overall eating healthier. I have no acne and don't break out anymore. Not even with PMS, which for me was the worst! It took many months to see results. Patience is the key. Dont quit because you still break out for a while-it takes time for your system to adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

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