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Re: M and Dshel
Jun 17, 2003

How long have you been taking the Vitamin E? I am definately going to look into this as a way to combat the dryness. My skin is dry today although not as bad I guess. I am going to get the vitamin E today if he says yes about it. Also do you take it all at one time or divided dose, with food or not, etc.?
I can't believe I've used accutane all this time and not thought of this more seriously. I found a lot of info on the net that was about accutane and Vitamin E. I've always heard that Vit E can break you out so I've stayed away from it....I guess thats mostly when applied topically.?? or when taking the oil form? Do you think they have it at walmart or should I try the more expensive health store?
I hope it helps. I guess the a. acid was moving some things up but then I think my skin was breaking out from the irritation as well. Since not using it the ones that were coming "out" along my nose are I guess back in there or something. It no longer feels dry, sticky and bumpy. Most of the ones I'm getting are the oily filled ones though, and thats the one thing that makes me skeptical about the azelex not working for me. If I could use it like you do and fit it into the accutane routine of a couple days a week, that would be great. It really did bring a lot to the surface I guess, but how do you know if it is NEW breakouts or if its clearing out the pores?? I like the antiandrogen thing and the fact that it fights bacteria and reduces inflammation. I guess when I used it Saturday night my face was already pretty dry and irritated. I then DID apply it on Sunday am now I recall. So I actually haven't used the cream or anything since then. Maybe my skin will be more receptive to it the next time I apply it. I am drinking about 1 1/2 gals of water daily and now I'm excited about the vitamin E.
And don't stop talking about the products that have helped you. You have used a lot and have so much experience with them.. (look who I asked about the vitamin e!!) Thanks for always answering our questions. I have read through a lot of your older posts to follow your progress. Hard to believe your skin was ever that bad. I wish the spiro would've worked for me. Its a bummer. I used to just LOVE that pill!!! Why do you think it didn't work...I'm sure you will have a better explanation than the derm!!
Also, I am going to the derm today with nothing on my face. The last time I ran into him I had applied my jojoba oil during the day. Of course I wasn't expecting to see him. ....I don't think he fully understood how dry I was to be adding something else. I thought (wrongly of course) that the finacea would be easier and less drying on my skin because of it only being 15% a. acid and the cream being a higher content. I guess I had it wrong, huh??


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