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Re: M and Dshel
Jun 17, 2003
hey girls,
well L., I have been thinking about you all day and praying that your derm. appointment goes (went) well. I took a walk around my block to try to clear my head (yeah right) and it was about 4pm your time (i'm guessing because it is earlier here) and was hoping everything was going ok. I am still uncertain about my face ever being normal. I have some really gross huge gigantous puss heads that don't seem to want to die down. I am fighting SO extremely hard not to pop them. but that one that the derm. screwed up 2 weeks ago is one of the big beauties now, so i guess that is a little good news that it came up finally, it just won't go away. I am getting new pimples all over, and now on my temples too, where i haven't had a problem in a long while. Like i said earlier, my forehead and my nose were ok, but now it is like they are being taken over. now i am not sure if my cleanser is the culprit. i have been using it for a long time and never had a problem with it when i was on tazorac a year ago, but now i wash my face and i kindof feel sticky when i pat dry. my face just feels tacky. i don't know why it just does. it is weird too now, because in the past 2 days my face has gone from red to a little whitish (still with all my lovely marks though)...i mentioned on another post that i ordered armoreglia (or however you spell that mineral makeup's name)...D., what do you think about this makeup? do you think it is safe to try in a few weeks?? so maybe i can TRY to go out (yeah, like that will ever happen, i think i am home ridden for a good FOREVER))
I did get those paints and brushes i ordered over ebay so maybe tomorrow i will start to see if i am truly an artist (lol)! And i just read another post that some girl used azelex and it did nothing for her. I hope my derm. is right and that 2x a day is going to be good for me and in a month or so i can start to have some work done (i feel as if my face is the project of a lifetime for every darn doctor). But I am going to heed D.'s advice and only use the triaz sparingly, if at all, because i don't want to screw up my face any more than it already is. I just really want to get rid of this hyperpigmentation that I have had for 6 months and isn't going anywhere. How long do you think these marks really take to go away or fade enough that with makeup i would look ok (trust me i am far from ok now). D., how long did your marks take and how long did you have some of them before skinoren??

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