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Jun 19, 2006
I just started taking the antibiotic Doxycycline a couple days ago, due to another problem, but since the Doctor prescribed this for me, I asked if she could give me a few refills so I could use this to try and treat my acne as well. I've read that it was pretty good for acne. In the 7 years that I have had acne, I have tried ProActiv (twice), Murad Acne Complex, ZenMed, Retin-A Micro, Differin, countless amounts of over the counter drugs, and a few home remedies. Nothing has ever seemed to get rid of it all. The ProActiv actually worked the 2nd time around, for awhile, until I became immune to it or something, because it came back in rapid fashion. This is the first internal form of medicine for acne that I have tried. Think this will finally do the trick for me? Anybody have any goods and bads of the medicine? Success stories? Just whatever.

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