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Apply the oil with damp fingers or when your face is still slightly wet after washing. That helps you to apply it lightly. I could have never used it during the day until I figured that out. And since I started using it day and night a couple weeks ago, it made a big difference in the redness. Of course, I also stopped using other products which may have been increasing my pigment problems. But I think it's made some indented scars look better as well. And I had been using Retin-A before that.

I've been wondering if you shouldn't rub the oil into the marks and scars. I've noticed that scar prevention and treatment creams like Mederma specifically say to rub it in several times per day. As opposed to just 'apply it.' Maybe that stimulates and/or breaks up collagen or something.

You should also combine it with some kind of microdermabrasion treatment. A lot of people here swear by Silkia Camellia oil and epidermix microdermabrasion crystals. I have those, but have yet to make the microdermabrasion a habit. Others say microdermabrasion cloths.

There's also skin bleaching treatments, but I don't know anything about that.

And last week found a lengthy thread here with people talking about taking flax oil for their skin with claims that it made all their sun damage, freckles, spots, etc fade in a few months. I know you want faster results, but it should help. Flax seed is a source of essential fatty acids, like fish oil. They were taking 1-2 tablespoons of oil per day, I assume because a tablespoon of oil is the equivalent of many capsules. I tried to find the post for you, but can't find it. The subject line was something like 'hey, want a perfect complexion in a few months.'

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