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Its pretty simple really...

1.) Wash with Dial Daily Care (w/Green tea and Vit. E) bar soap..I think this is whats making the most difference.

2.) Apply VItamin-A solution to help prevent dryness (its for acne and oily skin but I dont think it works for that).

3.) Wait a little while and then apply Differin Gel

4.) If my skin looks really bad or if i'm just getting some pimples I'll apply 70% alcohol to them or just swipe my face. I dont use it everyday though because I always thought it was bad for the skin.

SO far its been 4 days (however I've been using the Differin and Vitamin A solution FOREVER it the only difference is Dial and Alcohol... and my skin has done a 180 from starting to get bad to looking normal! I'll keep updates. :) :angel:

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