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Over the past year ive definitely been noticing that a good diet can improve my acne and for the past three weeks have applied a new no grain/sugar/ diet full throttle.

i have to say the acne is improving. It seems like what is happening is my skin is way less oily (this took a week) and new acne seemed to come to a halt at about two weeks. i just completed my third week and ive now got 1 new on my back and one new on my face. ( this could be because of some cheating but its kind of hard to tell)
my black heads on my nose are no longer dark and have cleared up maybe 50%. My back is clearing up for the first time in like six months. three weeks ago i had six to eight active on my back, and now ive got 1 new and entering my 4th week. during week three back was totally clear, still got red marks and scars but those could take a while.

i would describe the changes as (slow and steady) and can say diet has been better then some topical treatments! i still love my BP though!!

this diet is my way of trying to keep myself from taking accutane because im seriously considering it these days but dont want to, Im a DIY kind of guy!!

My Questions:

1.who has seriously implemented a therepeutic diet to help their acne and how long were you on it
2. what were the dietary guidelines
3. what were your results (great, ok, nothing?)

Please only respond if you have seriously tried some form of diet, thank you.

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