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Minocycline Works
Jun 25, 2006
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to quickly check in after being away from the board for MONTHS! Back in about February, I took Minocycline for about a month and a half and miraculously my face cleared up! I was upset at the time because my dr. said he would only prescribe 2 months and then id have to come off the drug to avoid becoming resistent, but it turned out that after 1.5 months my face was fine and I stopped the drug myself!! I used to basically LIVE on this board, barely left my house for months, called in to work sick repeatedly and now I have my life back. Just wanted to say to everyone things DO get better so dont lose hope! And try minocycline, it works!
did it make you break out real bad at first??
nope, no initial breakout at all...when i did stop taking it after the first month, i started to breakout, so i was really afraid that if i were to stop the medication id break out, but after 1.5 months my face was clear, i stopped taking it and been clear since then. i still have half a months worth to use if necessary. my plan is if i do break out again to use it for a month or two and hope that gives me a good period of time clear.
I also have been on Minocycline for about 2 years now and it has done my skin wonders! I had really bad back acne too and it has cleared it up perfectly and kept it clear. I never had an initial breakout either. I have tried so many medications/creams and minocycline is the only thing that has worked for me. Hopefully this will give some hope to someone out there. :)
does it have any side effects? or long term effects that you know of??
Wow that's great!

Unfortunately for me, minocyclin stopped working after a while. And I could never miss a day taking it or I'd have huge cysts. Now I take Bactrim, and it helps a lot. I have a feeling though that once I stop, the acne will come back.
In terms of side effects:

Recurrent yeast infections
More sensitive allergies
Days of feeling grogy
Head aches

Totally worth it though, but that's just me.
I went to the doctor today and was given a script for this. I hope that it will work as I haven't had clear skin in a while. The only thing I am hesistant about is taking something, then wanting to come off and not being able to.
I didn't have any of those side effects, guess it is different for everyone.

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