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Jun 25, 2006
[FONT="Verdana"][COLOR="Magenta"]I have acne on my face/chest/back.
I was prescribed Minocycline last week. I took 75mg. samples for a couple days and yesterday was the first time i took the 100mg.
I also am using a benzoyl perox. wash and benzaclin gel in the mornings.
Of course i havent seen any improvement yet, but i will keep ya'll posted.
I also switched my birth control from Ortho-Lo back to Ortho Novum.
I had very clear skin everywhere last summer with ortho novum.
My derm said that Ortho-Lo tends to promote acne.
I will start on that next week.
I cant wait!![/COLOR][/FONT]
Re: Minocycline
Jun 28, 2006
So i think my face is clearing up a bit.
My chest/back...not so much.
Im still being patient tho since it's only been bout 4 days. lol
Im sooo looking forward to being able to wear CUTE clothes again!!
Im also excited to be switching back to my other birth control..i'll let ya know[/FONT][/COLOR]
Re: Minocycline
Jun 29, 2006
so birth control does work for acne? because friends are telling me that it will work and its alot cheaper then accutane! well let me know? thanks -grace
Re: Minocycline
Jun 29, 2006
Of course everybody is different ((i hate when people say that to me)) , but ortho-novum ((i was on the generic of it 'necon' and im about to start a different generic of it 'nortrel')) really did help me a lot. It didnt help right away though. I was on it about a year and my chest/back cleared up completely. I was able to wear anything i wanted to last year and it was great. I switched the patch b/c i wanted to try it at the end of last year..big messed my horomones all up, then switched to ortho-lo..HUGE mistake. Hopefully my body will get back to normal soon. Of course it's not as effective as accutane..but it will help it. I would be on it even if i wasnt active b/c of my acne. ;)
Re: Minocycline
Jul 2, 2006
[COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="3"][FONT="Verdana"]K it's been a week since i started taking 100mg, using the benzoyl wash, and clindamycin gel.
I can tell a difference in my face and my back. I had tiny bumps under my skin on my face, and they are going away. My back also has started to clear up. My chest got pretty bad for awhile so i cant tell a major difference right now. I did miss a sure that it didnt hurt but also didnt help. I started back to my old b.c today also. So we will see![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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