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[QUOTE=LisaMarie982001]No that is not enough! Get this book please! The hormonally vulnerable woman by Geoffrey Redmond

It talks about spiro in there! and birth control pills just trust me it's a great book! My dr. was trying to tell me about the drug and he was amazed by how much I already knew about it. For acne and hair you nedd 100mgs to 200mgs per day. So that is not at all enough. [/QUOTE]

Well, I think a lower dose can work if you combine it with diet and other supplements like the zinc, saw palmetto and nettle that also block androgens. My skin isn't oily at all anymore and I'm only taking 50 mgs. I was prescribed 200, but the dehydration was killing me at just 100mgs. So I have to cut the 100mg pills in half. Sometimes I quarter them too so I can take 75mgs. But the more you take, the more you block.

My skin wasn't very oily anymore after several months on low carb diet and supplements before I was prescribed spiro.

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