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I'm glad you mentioned milk products because dairy is not only a major cause of acne, it's a perfect example of a food that we've all been raised to believe is healthy, but actually isn't. That isn't to say that dairy products cause acne in everyone. Some people are more tolerant of dairy than others just as some people are more tolerant of chocolate than others. But just because you see someone who can get away with eating a suspect food, that doesn't necessarily mean that food is safe. People need to be skeptical these days when it comes to the health claims of certain foods. The food industry puts out a lot of disinformation to get you to buy their product and certain industries, like dairy, not only have an incredible marketing machine at work, they also have substantial influence on our government and what it tells the public. Take the famous food pyramid. It tells people to eat lots of grains and dairy. Funny how it was put together by The Department of Agriculture, a department that's chaired by former executives from dairy and grain producers. The point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't be afraid to question the health claims of certain foods. You should also notice that a food doesn't have to be nutritionally void to be bad for you. Dairy does provide protein, calcium, and other nutrients. But are the benefits worth the cost to your health?

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