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I used to post a lot on here...until i found something that worked for me. So i wanted to share it with you all.

I did the lot, doctors stuff...accutane...u name it i tried it.

I am mostly addressing the girls out not sure if male acne tends to be different than womens...

Anyway, you need to address your acne from the inside and the surface.

Vitamins....i did ALOT of research and after taking these supplements for a year have decided THEY WORK:
Vitamin c (for obviously reasons) strong as you can buy
B complex and B6 for you girls...helps with hormonal acne
Vitmamin A (great for acne)
Zinc (dont take on an empty stomach)
Vitamin E (helps with scars)
Any antioxidant.......could be one you buy named this...or green tea capsules...or aloe vera (i drink juice every morning..mixed with orange juice you cant taste it)

Yasmin!!!!!!!! This has really really really helped with my hormonal acne and im not sure if its the vitamins or yasmin that has stopped my cists that were starting to scar. Also....there is no weight gain and i have 2 day periods!

Proactiv. Please dont be put off if youve tried this and found it didnt work. Find out which works best for you...Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicilic Acid. They both won work for everyone. Because ive tried and tested everything on the market and perscription within 8 years, i know that for me Benzoyl Peroxide works and Salicilic Acid doesnt. Acne creams usually contain one or the other. Proactiv contains bp so with use EVERY MORNING AND EVERY NIGHT its stopped my acne completely. If it hasnt worked for you in the past its either because bp doesnt agree with your skin and you should try a 3 step system with Salicilic Acid, you are not using Proactiv twice a day, or you are scrubbing too hard with the cleanser.
If anyone needs any tips on how to use proactiv just post me and i will reply as soon as i can.

I use 2: the proactiv one and another sulphur one (doctors formula its called). I dont think it will matter much which face mask brand as long as its made of SULPHUR. At first use once a week and if your face isnt irritated or dry then use twice a week.

Mineral Makeup!! Honestly...if you cant afford up for it..its worth it!! I couldnt belive the change in my skin after switching from regular makeup to bare minerals. It does not irritate my skin AT ALL....and i have VERY sensitive skin.

I live in a hot climate to find that i dont need moisturiser..but where im from i never used it either. However, if you live in a cold climate its important that you use moisturiser, even when you dont think u need it. If ur skin dries out AT ALL it will produce more sebum= more acne. I have doctors formule moisturising dew...its more like a cream than a moisturiser and soaks in straight away. I dont know if you can get it anywhere..but the best place to go for a moisturiser is a need to use one with NO oils and NO fragrance. Also, one for sensitive skin. Ive read that jojoba oil is good, but i cant speak for myself coz ive never tried it.

Last but not least....your head. Its easy to get obsessed with the fact that you have acne..i did it...i got more acne...i got more scars....
The more you think about your skin the more depressed you will get and the more spots and acne you will get. In my opinion, the best start is to invest in a good mineral makeup. This will not comletely hide your acne by any means, but will help you to gain confidence and hopefully stop you from thinking about your skin.

Remember that its never as bad as it seems to you, and it will be gone some day. I hope i was of help to someone, please take some notice of what ive said because IT REALLY REALLY REALLY WORKS.

Oh and lastly, dont fall for that "sore face is normal at first...has to get worse before it gets better"- a load of rubbish, if its irritating your face its making the problem worse- i fell for that from the age of 12 to doesnt always get better and the 'worse' period can last the whole time you use the product. I tried literally everything and it didnt work...and the antibiotics you may get off your doctor work whilst your on it, but your acne comes back once you stop taking them and long use of antibiotics arent good for you.

Hope i was of help to somebody!!!!! I know how bad i used to feel........

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