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[QUOTE]If diet is the culprit then why is there such a double standard? Why isn't it consistent across the board?[/QUOTE]

That's like asking why secondhand smoke or alcohol doesn't affect everyone the same way. Many people hang out in bars and are exposed to secondhand smoke, but only some of develop lung cancer. Likewise, many people drink lots of alcohol, but only some of us develop liver problems. Do these inconsistencies mean that you can dismiss the theory that secondhand smoke causes lung cancer or that alcohol is toxic? Of course not. It just means there are other factors at work. Same thing with processed food. Assuming it's toxic to the body, then the next question is why are some people better able to tolerate those toxins. But just because some people handle those toxins better doesn't prove that those foods are nontoxic.

[QUOTE]Now, when you undertook on the healthy route, was your acne at itís climax or was it tapering off?[/QUOTE]

It was consistent. It was neither increasing nor increasing. But then I was eating the same foods pretty consistently.

[QUOTE]You broke out shortly thereafter eating processed food? Something doesnít add up. Because pimples take weeks to form, unless thereís physical intervention such as rubbing, picking, etc. If food was in fact the cause of your break out, causing your skin to erupt that quickly, then doesnít that sound more like an allergic reaction? Your body doesnít show signs of rejection that quickly unless youíre allergic. Or perhaps you had a slight sensitivity to the change of climate. These are fair assumptions, are they not?[/QUOTE]

The idea that pimples take weeks to form is largely disputed and there's no consensus among dermatologists. And why does it matter whether it's an allergic reaction or not. The bottom line is that the body is rejecting a food that you've given it. My pimples appear with remarkable consistency. If I eat a significant amount of processed food, I get a pimple within 3 days. If I stop eating those foods, my acne heals and doesn't come back. I think you'll find most people here have had similar experiences.

[QUOTE]The healthiest of eaters, athletes, break out too. These are the healthiest people and they break out like everyone else.[/QUOTE]

What are you defining as healthy? Most athletes I've seen consume protein bars and shakes along with sports drinks. That's not what I call healthy eating.

[QUOTE]I donít think itís good to deprive yourself for the sake of a theory.[QUOTE]

I don't consider it depriving yourself for the sake of a theory. I see it as establishing a baseline by eating the foods that exist in nature, the foods that human beings have evolved to eat. Most scientists accept evolution as fact, not just a theory. They also accept that our genes evolved in relation to our environment. The emerging field of nutrigenomics is based on this premise.

[QUOTE]Knowing your skinís tolerance level is the best way to combat acne.[/QUOTE]

That's precisely my point as well. But how can you know what your tolerance level is if you don't define a starting point? That's what eating whole, unprocessed food is all about. You start with the foods that humans have evolved to run on and then introduce processed foods to see how your body reacts.

[QUOTE]Never buy into a system just because someone else had success in it, because what works for one person might not work for the next.[/QUOTE]

I agree, which is precisely why I encourage people not to pursue treatments like Accutane except as a last resort. But most people don't have the patience that dietary changes require. I read so many posts on this board where people give up on trying to eat better and run off to the dermatologist, but these people didn't really put in their best effort. Maybe they only ate healthy for a week or they didn't cut out all processed foods. We're a quick-fix society which is why Accutane appeals to so many people.

[QUOTE]And no offence, but I think it's irresponsible on your part to impose your successful regimen onto someone else, for that very reason. You do realize that you said diet cures acne, right? You're telling me if I had severe acne, a healthier diet would cure me? Garbage. There's absolutely no concrete truth to that.[QUOTE]

Actually, what I find irresponsible is downplaying the idea that food could have such a powerful impact on one's health. Food has an enormous impact. It can make us sick or make us strong and fit. As for my claim that diet cures acne, I stand by it 100%. And actually there is evidence. Studies have been conducted on hunter-gatherer tribes and not a single individual in those tribes suffered from acne. Those individuals only differed by 1% in their genetic makeup compared to people in the west. Further, there have been studies performed where people in such tribes adopted the western diet and developed many of the illnesses that plague Americans including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and acne. Have you really tried eating healthy? If so, I would love to hear about your diet and how long you stuck with it. It's been my experience that the people who claim to eat healthy aren't really doing so, at least not to the extent that's necessary or for the duration that's required to see results.

[QUOTE]And I hate to break it to you, but everything that is store bought has been processed, even organic products.[/QUOTE]

That's certainly true, but the point is to MINIMIZE processing as much as is realistically possible. We live in a toxic environment and our food comes from a highly contaminated food supply. It'll never be possible to have a completely nontoxic diet, but if you can avoid toxins, why not do so?

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