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Re: L. and Dshel
Jun 20, 2003
well, the coffee does have cinnamon in it. it is very tasty.
i have heard it causes breakouts too, but i have been drinking coffee religiously for 3 years and never attributed any pimples to drinking it. And when my face was really clear, i was still drinking it. I don;t know, but i tried to give it up to see if it would make a difference, and i asked my derm. about it, and he said it would have no effect on my acne. So, i decided that instead of drinking regular, like i have always, i decided to switch to decaf, that way i can drink coffee without the caffeine (which is the culprit of the breakouts people talk about). and instead of drinking it everyday and so amny cups (i used to go through a 10 cup pot) i will still to one cup and not every day, that way i don't feel i am deprived in a way. It is just so comforting to have coffee in the morning. Anyway, glad to hear some of the oil ones are drying up for you. maybe you shouldn't put the azelex under your eye area. i don't put it under my eyes, just lotion there because that is the most sensitive part of your face (so i have heard) and i have never put an acne medicine directly below my eyes. I just ordered some more neostrata products (cleanser, lotion, and eye stuff) so i will be stocked for awhile. You are right about the gel being stronger than the cream. gels penetrate better than creams (i don't know why) but that is why they are stronger, even in lower concentrations, because they can go deeper into your skin.....i would also thinnk that they would be more drying for this fact, but it makes me wonder why your derm. wouldn't think it would be drying, especially if you have dry skin. My nose and forehead are the oiliest for me right now, and i am breaking out everywhere (this really sucks). i have so much hyperpigmentation, that i don't know if it will ever go away. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this gets better before my next derm. appt. which is on my mom's birthday (isn't that funny) july 7. hopefully i will be feeling better (if not at least looking better) by then. I have to wait 3 weeks this time because my derm. is going out of town. I really hate that because i just want to see him earlier and i get anxious for my appointment, especially when things aren't going well (like now). i just cried so much last night after i got out of the shower, my face really looks so bad. i don't even think if i tried to put makeup on (i am not going to) that it would cover anything. i just really want my marks to go away. don't you think they should be gone by now (or at least on their way) it has been 6 months. how long do they usually take???
i need to stop stressing, but it is all i think about all the time. i am so ugly like this, i hate it.

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