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I'm male, 24 so I realise I'm taking a risk by taking Spiro, but I've read on this board about other people having success with the stuff so I wanted to give it a try for myself. I'm taking the generic brand Spirotone rather than the official Aldactone so I'm not sure if that's why it's not working as expected. I've certainly not noticed the diuretic effect at all so far.

I feel hot all the time too, but unfortunately it seems to be triggering sweating where I wouldn't ordinarily sweat. My skin also seems a lot more oily from taking Spiro rather than less so again I'm a bit concerned by that too. My facial hair is also growing quicker than what it normally does so all in all within the first few days Spiro is having the opposite effect on me than what it's supposed to.

I get the impression that I'm getting a case of reflex hyperandrogenicity so either my body has stepped up Testosterone production or has become more sensitive to the remaining Testosterone levels to compensate for the anti androgenic effects of Spiro.

I've not yet been on it a week so I'm hoping that will subside, but at the moment things aren't looking promising.

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