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[QUOTE=chamberlin]I hear you!

Anyway....I know how you feel...if it makes you feel any better I can't use any products to help because my skin is too sensitive (and I mean anything...I've tried them all) and I can't take any of the oral antibiotics because I have reactions to all of them too....(I've tried them all as well) I just have to bear it!!!!!!

It's hard, but like must go on right?[/QUOTE]

Antibiotics and harsh topicals aren't the only treatments. I'd like to believe those antibiotics help someone or doctors wouldn't keep prescibing them. I suspect that they help typical teenage acne that was going to clear up soon anyway.

Have you tried the diet and supplements people discuss here all the time?
Low carb? No dairy? Digestive and Candida cleanses? Probiotics? Zinc? B5? Saw Palmetto? Nettle? Milk thistle? I'm 40 and I just cleared my acne and normalized my grotesquely oily skin with these things, all of which I learned from people here and within the past year. (And I few things I learned after my husband was diagnosed with diabetes last year.)

Anyway, If I were you, I'd try cutting back on simple carbs. Cut out sodas. Never snack on simple carbs. And if you do have them, such as bread, pasta or a desert, make sure you have them after or with a meal full of good high fiber and/or protein like veggies, chicken breast or salmon. And take a fiber capsule if you can't do that. This is not that hard to do, especially if you snack on good things like fruit and nuts before you get hungry so you are less likely to crave something bad.

Or you could do an an extreme low carb diet for a short period to see if you notice a difference. Like the Perricone 3-day face lift diet which you can find on his website. There have been discussions from people saying that they noticed a difference in about 3 days of low carb eating.

And for supplements: Probiotics, Zinc, and Saw Palmetto are easy things to add and available at any drug store. Along with a good multi. I've noticed that multis meant for diabetics tends to have plenty of good things in them.

Milk thistle is easy to find, but that is to cleanse your liver and can cause an initial break out. As will the other cleanses. You have to take a ton of B5 which means many pills. Nettle is harder to find, but you could choose a Men's prostrate health formula that has both Saw Palmetto and Nettle, and sometimes Zinc, which are available at drugstores.

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