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Re: Good morning M
Jun 21, 2003
Hi again M
How's the painting coming along?? My Saturday will be spent between groceries and yard work...both yuk! I looked up the Neostrata....Is it the PHA 4?? That says it has Sodium Laureth sulfate. Personally, I wouldn't use it, but my skin is so messed up that I'm afraid to try anything else new.

I have another couple of oil filled ones on the chin and some big inflamed ones along my nose. They've been there a couple of days or so. They don't seem like they're going anywhere. The little oil filled ones are sooo annoying. I've always gotten them for the past 5 years and it seems like it isn't typical acne, but maybe for me it is. I didn't have quite this many of the oil ones when I used the tazorac though. My face, through all of these changes, has gone from bad to worse. I'm not sure what to do. But at the same time, the taz wasn't bringing up the whiteheads and bumps under the skin either. Maybe I just have irritated my skin so much that I just need to stop the azelex for awhile. My trip is getting closer with each day and I'm looking worse each day. I'm happy that the a.acid brought some things out, but as a result it has also made me irritated and burned. Maybe I just can't use this stuff??
I will still think about applying it for every other night or for awhile each night to see what happens. The jojoba oil (so far) doesn't seem to be touching the scaly bumpiness on my left cheek. I can't tell if there's more under there and thats why it looks so pitted or if its just so parched and dry. It definately looks like sandpaper. And just so you know, Since not applying the azelex last night, my dry pimples that have been trying to heal aren't so red. The azelex seems to irritate my face. I wonder if that would always be or if the skin gets used to it? My thoughts are if it's drying things up, wouldn't that mean its drying the skin too??
I MAY try to find a different moisturizer in town today. Have thought about the aqua glycolic that everyone seems to like. It moisturizes while exfoliating the skin. What do you think about that one?? I know it has glycolic, but it said its good for severely dry skin.
I will look at some of the other moisturizers too and see what their ingredients are. I thought about just applying it as a little test to the scaly patch on that cheek to see if it helps.
Some of my bumps under the skin (from old breakouts that must have never completely went away)...anyway they seem bigger. I don't know if its from the dryness of my skin or from the a.acid bringing them up. Any thoughts. ???

Check back later......happy painting. By the way, what type of thing are you trying to paint??


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