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Good morning M
Jun 21, 2003
Hi M

Hope you had a better night. Well you know how I said my chin was better......spoke too soon. I awoke to 5 new ones....all oil filled the dry spots. Its almost like my skin is so dry that literally the oil can't get out and forms a tiny pimple. I can also still feel the scaliness from the dryness and have already applied the jojoba oil again. I just know I cant leave the azelex on all night. At least not until my skin gets more used to it. Which may be quite awhile. Believe it or not my skin does seem more irritated from the cream that the finacea gel, but maybe that's my imagination. The really dry spot on my left cheek looks terrible and scaly. It will take a few days of jojoba oil to even get it back to a regular dry state. And I didn't apply any extra azelex to that area or anything. I don't know why its so dry and pitted and scaly. I will only try to apply the azelex every other night I guess. The nightly thing, which is how I've been doing it, is way too harsh. I do know that the azelex has brought some things to the surface, but the little oil filled ones keep coming. Maybe it's caused by the lupus and I'll never know for sure...and I'll never get it cleared. After the azelex I wouldn't know what to use. Honestly the tazorac wasn't this harsh on my skin. I know I didn't leave it on very long, but now that I think about it, my breakouts weren't near this bad, but it seemed like it wasn't bringing up some of the bigger ones under the skin. I stopped it because of the dryness between that and the finacea. for some reason the azelex seems stronger to me. But how could a cream be stronger and more drying than a gel??
The cleanser I'm using is the one you suggested called neutrogena extra gentle. My derm wanted me to stick with the glycolic cleanser, but I started to think it may be too harsh. He says it slowly exfoliates and since I only use it one per day it would be good for me . He says its good for dry skin to help exfoliate away the dead and dry surface skin. I'm worried without it, I will be leaving that on there and clogging my pores even more.
I have to admit, M, I know you don't want to hear this, but I really don't think the azelex will work for whatever it is I have going on. I'm depressed about that. Even though I haven't used the cream very long, I've been using some for of a. acid for about 5 weeks. I'm still getting the oil filled ones. Not just around the mouth, but also scattered on the cheeks too, but none the less, they are still forming. And seriously, If I go to bed and don't see it, its raised and filled with oil by morning. It really makes me think more and more that it is lupus related, but for now I have to trust the dr. and assume its regular acne. I just don't hear many people talk about the oil filled ones....more about whiteheads, blackheads, cysts etc. I have some of these too, but mostly they come and they are filled with oil.
As you can see, I'm here on a Saturday morning again, knowing that this weekend will be no different than the others, and trying to figure out what to do. Its really discouraging.
Before I even attempt to apply the azelex tonight, I will have to really decide if my skin can handle it. It's not as read but still feels rough. I know that leaving it on for 20 minutes wouldn't do it, but what about a couple of hours? and then I could wash it off? or should I just use it every other night? It seems way too drying for every night even.


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