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Hello there! Well, as far as my progress I am still going to go for a week or two more before I give an opinion, though the book says it can take up to 6 weeks. I can say that there are areas of my skin that I am seeing that i haven't seen before, meaning the redness is subsiding and I look slightly better, maybe 25% or so, which hey- that's great!
I would definitely recommend checking the book out at the library,

For information purposes/interest, here is my regimen:
Wash face with a tiny bit of Cetaphil cleanser to normal-to-oily skin
Wash with clear pore salicylic acid 2% gel by neutrogena, let sit for a few minutes (I brush my teeth here) Rinse off.
Apply small amounts of glycolic acid 10% cream I found at a health-food store called natures finest here in arizona. I let this sit for a few minutes, then rinse off (I get in the shower).
I have noticed that the glycolic acid can tingle initially, almost like little pinpricks... at one point it tingled a little too painfully and so I took a couple days off from it, and when I returned it was fine. :) It must depend on the sensitivity of your skin or whatnot.
Then I apply a little bit of jojoba oil as a moisturizing agent that I have read so many good things about, on this board and online. I tried applying just normal moisturizer but they would sting my skin, probably from the sun-block ingredients in them. I worry that jojoba oil may be a little too oily for me, but once soaked in it leaves a dry-oil finish and is purported not to clog pores...

At night:
Do the same two steps as in the morning, then instead of glycolic acid, I first rub an ice cube over my face for 2 minutes or so, then I apply benzoyl peroxide that I have stored in the fridge, in a very thin layer everywhere I have acne as it can be very drying (I had to take a couple days off from this too, but once I started using jojoba oil the dryness mostly disappeared) Then I lay down for 7-10 minutes and put a freezer-gel pak on my face, moving it around every 30 seconds or so. The book states to wipe off the excess but there isn't ever any to wipe off, it all absorbs.
Whew! That is pretty much it.

As far as your products go, I would say the oil free acne wash sounds good, definitely try to get a glycolic acid product if you can, try healthfood stores, but I would recommend a different product for the benzoyl peroxide. I would use an actual gel/cream with benzoyl peroxide in it, like the ones sold by oxy or clean and clear, etc.... and 2-5% is just as good effectiveness-wise and not as drying as 10%. I use one leftover from my proactiv kit that didn't work. :) I recommend this because the mask/cleanser probably has many other ingredients in it and isn't meant to be absorbed in the skin, it is meant to be rinsed off. :)
I would say you could take b5 with it, you could take anything you wanted really, because the program is topical- vitamins are internal.

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