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I used to (and still occassionaly do) have that issue. The bumps look and feel like acne, but it is an ingrown hair. I still spend time plucking them from my face, but if you do what I do, it will greatly improve your situation. My dad never taught me to shave, so I had to teach and learn it myself. It took me until I was about 32 or so to actually learn to shave properly.

1. Get rid of the Mach 3. It does TOO GOOD of a job. Ignore the commercials, and do not get such a close shave.

I use the regular Gillete razor and can tell when it is time to change my blade becuase I will get a bump or more on my face.

2. Buy and Use Aveeno shaving cream. There are two of them that I know of. You HAVE to use the one with the light blue top. If you use the dark blue top, it will not change a thing. Use the light/baby blue top (repeated because most guys go for the dark blue thinking it is more manly). The light blue has soy which makes a HUGE difference.

3. Shave in the shower. Buy a fogless mirror. It makes a HUGE difference. It is the last thing I do in the shower. If that is not possible (I cannot imagine why it would be impossible, but who knows), shave immediately after your shower. Do not open the door as you want it still hot and steamy in there when you do it.

4. Rinse your razor after every 1-2 strokes on your face.

5. Only shave an area using 1 or 2 strokes, NO MORE.

6. You HAVE to shave with the grain (the way the hair grows). On my face, I shave below my nose first (shave down towards mouth) on the sides of the mouth as well, then under my mouth to chin. The next area is to the sides under my mouth. I go about 1" or so to the side. Then I go from my side of my face (top of ear, bottom of my sideburn), down to my jaw line. SDo that on both sides. Next, move to my neck area. In the middle of my neck, I shave from top to bottom (vertical). I use about two blades width (or less), and stop about 1-2" from my chin. Then I shave from the middle to the out side of my neck (horizontal, both sides), up to about 1/4" from my jaw line. Then I shave my chin down where I left the hair (so about 1-2"). Last, I shave down from my jawline (on the sides) for the 1/4" strip I left earlier.

7. You can feel your face to see if you missed any part. Often, I will leave it if I missed a section, as it is not that big of a deal.

8. I am the worst person about digging out any hairs that become ingrown. I will leave a pit in my neck to get the hair out. I just hate the way they look. I know I should not do that, but I cannot help it. LOL

9. After you shave, you need to get a lotion or something to help with the hairs. Noxzema has some that does an OK job, but I have had a ton of success with Bump Patrol. You have to look in the section that is especially for African-American men as most of the ingrown hair stuff is tailored and marketed towards them.

My typical problem area is my neck. As you can tell from the way I shave, my hair grows in different directions. The problem happens when a hair grows the wrong direction, I shave too hard, or I try to go over it too many times.

That pretty much sums up my shaving routine.

Please try those and let me know how it goes.

If you do all of those steps (including freeing the ingrown hairs), you will see immediate results. Within 3 days or so, you will no longer have those bumps and such.

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