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I have blackheads and clogged large pores that are impossible to get rid of I just bought jojoba oil a couple of days ago out of curiousity because I was originally looking for hazelnut oil but couldnt find it. Afterwards I did a little research on it and found that people use it on their face and that it is supposed to dissolve the sebum that causes blackheads and blocked or clogged pores because it "mimics" sebum and 'like dissolves like". So..with that said, who uses it for that purpose (I already know that its also a makeup remover and for hair&nails) and do you use it before you wash your face or use it as a moisturizer afterwards. I would assume that youd use it afterwards to stop oil overproduction but apparently people wash it off afterwards which sounds like it defeats the purpose. Also I was looking for hazelnut oil before because its supposed to be slightly astringent and when I had a massage at a facial which she used this oil and it seemed to unclog my upper body pores ( I couldnt tell if it unclogged my face because I just had a facial) so anyone ever use hazelnut? I just have to say that so far jojoba makes my skin really soft but dont know how long it will help with the clogged pores, Ive read that they start coming up in a couple weeks. Any advice?

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