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[QUOTE=Farrion]Okay, so I've perused the acne section a little bit and i didn't really find a thread that just flat out asked how to get rid of acne. So my quesiton.

What cna i do to get rid of my acne?

Please list everything, from how to eat, to what to use to wash my face, are tere any creams i can use to put on and all that kind of stuff. Please reply.

Your brother in the world of acne,

Hi Farrion,

I don't know what kind of skin you have or what kind of acne regimen you've tried but this was my own experience, and my younger brother's (who is 20).

I used to have oily skin, and I didn't have any skin care regimen that I did regularly. When I finally graduated college, and I wasn't working, I decided to regularly wash my face, twice a day (this was on 2004). I did it for about two months using Paula's choice, and it worked pretty well. I used a cleanser, exfoliator, and anti-blemish cream regularly. Also, at least once a week I'd throw in a toner, and face mask. I definitely noticed a big difference with my skin within a month. Though my skin completely cleared up, because I had an allergic reaction to something that wasn't ever pinpointed. Since last year I have been using Yasmin to control my hormones- I tested high for testosterone, which was likely a factor on my acne. Now my skin is "normal", but around my nose I tend to get dry skin. I now use Prescriptives sensitive skin cleanser, exfoliator, toner, face lotion, and for the few breakouts aknemycin.

This year my younger brother got fed up with his severe acne. He asked me for a dermatologist that I would recommend, but I told him they don't help because they only give you the anti-bacteria or how to treat the pimples that pop out, and they don't give you anything for prevention. I told him to finish an entire set of Paula's choice, and if it doesn't work for him, then he can decided for himself. He had cystic breakouts, and really wanted to get Accutane. Anyhow, I got him Paula's choice Skin Balancing Anti-Blemish Kit for Moderate to Severe Blemishes - Full Size, and that was on late March, and I would say he barely has any cystic breakouts and his acne has been cut down 70-80%.

If nothing else, you should read the articles on Paula's website. They are very informative.

Good luck!

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