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what do u guys think about someone taking accutane if they dont have cystic acne.

but acne that is persistant and that wont go away and extreamly oily skin like insane.

and with a low doseage
I didn't have cystic acne... and Accutane did wonders for me..
From what I've read on my Accutane medication insert it's only for Cystic acne. But talk to your doc. who knows? Maybe you can get it.
I'm pretty sure accutane is for severe/cystic acne [I]or[/I] persistant acne that hasn't responded to any other treatments. Personally my derm wanted me to go on accutane after I had tried countless antibiotics topical and oral, and retin a as well. My other doctor said no, but only because of my past history of depression, otherwise I probably would have gone on it.
Accutane is frequently used as a fallback prescription for non-cystic acne once other medications fail, which was the case with me - almost 2 years of various antibiotics and prescription topicals showed few positive lasting results. Now I've one dose left of a six month 50mg roaccutane course and my skin's better than it's been in years, and my only worry is that it'll relapse.

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