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Re: Mederma
Jul 28, 2006
[QUOTE=Belle2003]My scar is three years old and I hear how mederma is great for newly acquired scars. How is it on old ones?[/QUOTE]

My scar, believe it or not, is over 20 years old. I got it as a child while in an accident walking down stairs.

I hated it for years, mainly because it was right smack in the middle of my face, right on the bridge of my nose And it was a very deep scar. I felt embarrased all the time, and hated going out on dates where there was a bright light right above my face because it was especially noticeable then.

I went to a dermatologist years ago, who did a dermabrasion on it and that did very little. Another dermatologist looked at it and said that he couldn't do anything with it, and tod me that "some things are meant to be". A plastic surgeon said "to fix this scar I would have to create another one", etc. I tried everything - makeup, powders - you name it.

This stuff does work.

I have to say the following though about the product.

You have to really follow the directions. If it says to use 2-3 times a day, you have to do that.

You have to be patient with results. It took months for this scar to soften, I think mainly because it was old and it was a deep scar.

My best wishes to you all for beautiful skin.
Re: Mederma
Jul 28, 2006
Thanks FM for elaborating about the results you achieved from mederma. I went out and bought the curad strips, so if that does not work I will give mederma a try. I will know in 8 weeks! I am hoping that the curad strips will be as good as the mederma was for you.

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