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Just checking in....Its late for me here and at least when I sleep, I don't think about all of this. I'm sorry you're getting a bad breakout, M. I know I'm breaking out like that too. My face is a bit dry, but mostly the breakout is what's driving me crazy. I have them everywhere too. But a lot of them on the one cheek (an area about 2" by 1") is filled and the skin actually looks "shiny" or something too. Almost like the dryness on top is shiny when I look in the mirror...weird, I wonder if that is normal. Hard to explain but I am still scaly, although the scaly I'm talking about is the kind where it actually isn't hanging off the face but rather scaly and seems like its "glued" to the face in those areas. I have red marks of new zits. This stuff hasn't reduced the inflammation in them, and I have that "weird sticky inflamed" feeling on some of them. I know that for me that is an initial breakout. I wouldn't think I would still be getting used to the a.acid as I have been on finacea, but maybe switching to the cream is different. I even took a chance on a couple of not so dry areas and spot treated with the a.acid tonight even though I had applied it all over after my bath. As far as the washcloth thing, I use a regular washcloth to "rinse"..pulling it down my face several times after I have applied the cleanser with my hands. I massage it in with the hands and then use lukewarm water to rinse. I'm also still wondering if this really will work. I wish someone was next to me when I look in the mirror telling me this is normal and should be happening. My trip is inching closer (obsessive aren't I??) and I can't see my skin clearing. I'm not sure about the new akne-mycin and may just spot treat for a few days until I know for sure it isn't creating a problem for me. I just hate the way it feels!! Funny how the azelex digs right in like D said, and the tazorac we used just seemed to sit on everything. My dryness in the past several months must have buried everything pretty deep. Although I was using the jojoba oil.....not sure what I believe about the cleaning out the pores stuff now, although I still miss the moisturizing abilities it has. But I've been good and haven't touched it since D said to try to use this stuff alone. !! :)
Well, I will check in tomorrow . I hope you sleep well. I can see all kinds of little things coming up too. D said to expect it, but I'm not sure I was prepared for this much. I'm trying to go one day at a time, but wish I could be sitting here in a couple weeks and KNOW I've done the right thing by using this. I just don't want to be making things worse ya know?


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